Tuesday, October 23, 2007

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nude gay brothelbeach "Right ontime baby..." Ahand slid upmy leg tomy pussy.... "Andyou can followorders...good"

She turneddown this grassypath and wedrove about another500 yards intothe forest arounda bend untilyou couldn't evensee the roadanymore.

"Oh, that'snice of her.I really likeher. Do youthink they'll evercross paths withus again?" Isaid.

The secretaryput her throughto Jacob. Hesaid, "Lori, gladyou called. I'mgiving a partyfor one ofmy friends tonight.However, I justgot a callfrom one ofthe waitresses Ihad hired. She'ssick and can'tcome. I waswondering if youwouldn't mind fillingin."

"Good."he says almostwarmly. He continued,and I madeit all theway to eightwhile managing toremain in hisposition. I couldn'thelp but scootaround a little,but I wasable to quellthe urge totry and escapeuntil he foundthe perfect angleto spank mypussy as wellas the lowercurve of mybottom. I shriekedout, not evenbothering to tryand articulate anything.

I was drivingAshley to schoolone Friday morningabout a monthbefore her 19thbirthday and Iasked her, "Sosweetheart, any ideawhat you wantfor your birthdaythis year?"

Bethgrinned tightly andlit a cigarette,cracking the windowand exhaling astream of smoke."I suppose Ishould tell youmy theory afterall. Men inthe bar ofa hotel -they would beeasy. Men thataren't with agroup of otherguys, in otherwords if they'realone, those guysare looking fora hookup. Theyare the oneswho probably cheaton their wiveshabitually."

"Look atme, Sandy."

"Theshow lasted afair while andwe were ableto watch asthis young man,who had arather long cock,fucked this girlas hard ashe could! Hehad already stuckhis cock intoher mouth andshe had suckedhim for awhile, before hethrust his cockinto her cunt!They really fuckedand fucked andI must admitit was turningus all ona great deal.The chap nextto me eventuallygot his handback around meand grabbed mytit and atthe same timehe took myhand and heldit against hiscock in hispants and hewas very erect.

Deb puther mouth backover my sensitivecock head whilecontinuing to strokeme with herhand. She usedher other handto rub andfinger her pussy.It wasn't longbefore I feltmy balls shrinkand every ounceof energy rushto my groin.My cock explodedand blasted along, powerful streamof cum againstthe back ofher mouth. Debpulled me frombetween her lipswhile I wasstill spewing thefirst blast andaimed at herface. A secondequally powerful blastsplattered her cheekand shot upher nose andinto her eye.She took thirdpowerful blast allover her tits.Finally she tookme back inher mouth whereI pumped severalsmaller spurts ofcum which sheeagerly swallowed.

He didn't flirt.I could tellhe still sawme as a12 year oldgirl.

Ismiled broadly. "Thatwas amazing."

"Nothingbetween you? Nothingbesides your dick."Rick paused. "Ialways had afeeling you werefucking him, Ijust never thoughtI'd be right."

She repeatedthe question, towhich I responded,"Oh, I'm justamazed at yourfantastic breasts .. . andno I'm notjealous."

Shyamalawas my sister'srelative on herhusband's side anddemure looking, shewas and isbeautiful, and around163 cms shestands as tallas Seenu andpossesses 'meaningful looks'.

Maria smiledand added, "I'msorry honey. Iknow you musthate me."

Sarahsaid "Will yoube my lover?"

"Yes, thankyou, it ismy favorite partof the office.Can I getyou something todrink? Water, perhaps?"he asked ashe walked toa cleverly disguisedoffice refrigerator inthe wall nearthe couch. Hehad pulled onebottled water out,and stood waitingfor my answer.

Suddenly out ofthe blue Vikkisaid, "You're cute."


"I'vebeen wanting thisfor so long.It was sohard, being withone of youone night andthe other thenext. When thewhole time Iwas dreaming ofboth of you.I can't believethis is finallyhappening, especially afterI came soclose to losingyou. I couldn'tbear to loseeither of youand yet Ialmost lost youboth."

"I willshow you." Alanamoved close toJesse and loweredher head upCarol's thigh. Herface was turnedslightly so Jessecould see herpink tongue slowlylick up thelength of theshaven slit. Alanapulled back andsmiled. Jesse movedhis face forwardand did thesame.